Poll: Have You Spent Your Retirement Savings Early?

A recent study found that 52% of those polled had tapped their retirement early for a reason other than retirement. Are you - or have you in the past - dipped into your retirement savings early?*YesNoIf you have, what was it for?*YesNoGender*MaleFemaleAge Range*18 -...
Poll Recap: How Worried Are You About Your Online Privacy Compared To One Year Ago?

Poll Recap: Fee-Based Vs. Fee-Only

Poll Recap: Fee-Based Vs. Fee-Only We’ve always maintained that Axiom readers surpass the averages, and it seems that with every poll we take, we prove our contention. That’s why we’re not too surprised to discover that over 75 percent of our polltakers indicated that...

Poll: Fee-Based Vs. Fee-Only

Fee-Based Vs. Fee-Only A “fee-only” financial advisor sounds strikingly similar to a “fee-based” financial advisor, but there’s a big difference in how they get paid. Do you know the difference between a fee-based and fee-only advisor?*I completely understand.I...

Poll Recap: How Often Do You Eat Out A Week?

Most recent studies reveal that Americans dine out multiple times a week. Younger age groups reported eating out more often than their elders and spending more when they did eat out[i].Over fifty percent of Americans report eating out at least 2-3 times a week, and...

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