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Do you anticipate spending more during the Summer months (June, July, August) when compared to other individual seasons including Fall, Winter, and Spring?

A recent study asked 1,000 Americans that question, and 43 percent answered “yes.” 48 percent answered “no.” Which made us wonder what our Axiom readers thought.

We asked Axiom readers in what season they spent the most money: 46 percent of you answered that “winter” was your big spending season. When asked what your second big spending season was, 32 percent of you named “summer.”

Many of us would agree on the winter wallet drain, considering all the presents we buy to celebrate the holidays. But winter also includes all of our resolutions and resulting purchases – like that gym membership you stopped using in March, and that expensive organic food you started buying in January.

Now that we’ve officially entered fall, it may be time to review your financial plan and rebalance your portfolio. If you need help, give us a call to make sure you’re ready for winter – and the many seasons that lie ahead.

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