For years, we’ve bragged how our Axiom readers are ahead of the curve, and an excellent reflection of the moods and attitudes of the general American population.

This week is an instance where that reflection…doesn’t look great.

Our poll asked how worried you were about your online privacy compared to two years ago. 65% of you indicated you were more worried than last year.

Yet, 60% of poll takers said they hadn’t frozen their credit – meaning many of us are worried, but haven’t taken basic steps to help alleviate our worry.

A recent study by Experian[1] indicates our results aren’t that far from the national mood. Almost 73% indicated they were very or somewhat concerned that their email, financial accounts or social media  might be hacked, but hadn’t taken simple precautions like avoiding open, unpassword-protected WiFi. A separate study[2] reveals that only 14% of Americans have frozen their credit.

Thanks to a law put into effect last year, freezing your credit is easier than it used to be, and it’s free.

Consumers will need to call or visit the websites of the three major credit-reporting bureaus. Here are the links to where you can freeze your credit at the agencies: