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It Takes Three To Tango

It Takes Three To Tango TOM PARKS, AIF®, CRPS® Director of Retirement Plan Services I recently received an email from a client informing me that they are moving from in-house payroll to a payroll service provider and she wanted to know what was needed on our end. I...

Look, Squirrel!

by Tom Parks I read an article the other day on whose headline thoughtfully pondered: “Are TDFs really the best QDIA? 4 other options for structuring retirement plans”. It’s precisely the sort of question you imagine 401(k) guys like me considering...

Consumer Credit

Consumer Credit   Consumer debt continues to rise in the United States, up to nearly $14 trillion – surpassing the total amount of household debt held before the 2008 financial crisis[i]. The largest component of household, or consumer debt, is mortgage debt....



Leakage Tom Parks, AIF®, CRPS® Director of Retirement Plan Services, Annex Wealth Management The other day a headline on the Wall Street Journal website entitled, “The Rising Perils of 401(k) Leakage” caught my eye so I decided to read further to see what they had to...

Primary Season & Advisor Season

With the presidential primaries in full swing I can’t help but notice the similarities between the politicians who are essentially engaged in a very public job interview and my advisor peers who endeavor to gain new clients. The similarities might not be completely...

The Philosophy Of Plain Speak

People are sometimes surprised to hear that I majored in philosophy when I was in school and only got a minor in economics. How does one parlay a philosophy degree into a career dedicated to retirement plans, you ask? It’s a long story and the honest answer is that it...

5 Things To Consider During Plan Restatement

If you’re a qualified plan fiduciary you either recently dealt with the Pension Protection Act plan restatement or you’re in the queue to have it done very soon. Plan restatements are generally viewed as a big pain in the patootie by pretty much everyone involved in...

¿Hablas 404c?

There’s no shortage of pitfalls for qualified plan fiduciaries when it comes to ERISA compliance, but some regulations are more precarious than others. 404(c) is one of those perilous areas of ERISA because it has been around for so long that some people take it for...

Financial Wellness – More Than A Buzzword

Financial Wellness is one of those buzzwords that gets tossed around a lot these days, and sometimes that’s not a good thing. People start to think it’s an imaginary term without any significant consequences, kind of like “Sweetest Day” being a real holiday. Believe...

401(k) Day!

401(k) Day!

Each September, the entire nation eagerly awaits its merriest of holidays - 401(k) Day! It’s possible I overstated that enthusiasm. But 401(k) day is a real thing – brought to you by the Plan Sponsor Council of America, who has designated the Friday following Labor...

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