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Typically, the US Federal Reserve leads the way when it comes to rate cut or rate hike decisions. But both the ECB and Bank of Canada have made a cautious choice. Will the Fed follow suit? If so, when? Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Brian Jacobsen discuss.

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PFISTER | Wealth In Color: Exploring Instinctual Investment Patterns | 6/12/24

Behavioral finance is a psychological approach to understanding how investors make decisions, both individually and as a whole. “Wealth In Color: Exploring Instinctual Investment Patterns” looks at how our personal biases guide us, from quick spending decisions to investment choices, which could impact us for years. We’ll look at various biases, exploring those we can moderate and focusing on biases we may need to adapt.


Investment Intel: An In-Depth Brief on the Markets

Join us every month for Investment Intel, an interactive presentation brief from Annex Wealth Management. Each Investment Intel Briefing will take a look at where we are and where we believe we’re headed, including insights and trends that will help you make sense of the economy.

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SPANO & MERCURE WEBINAR | 8 Tips for Smarter Charitable Giving | 6/13/24

In this interactive workshop, Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and WTMJ’s John Mercure will review options you might consider, like Qualified Charitable Distributions, Donor Advised Funds, and Charitable Trusts – and discuss when those strategies might work best for you. Dave and John will lay the groundwork – you bring your questions. Plan on an informative and educational hour!



Safeguarding Against Inflation

Strategies for Wealth Preservation In An Environment of Elevated Inflation

Inflation is proving harder to defeat than some experts had expected, and the current environment of elevated inflation presents unique challenges – particularly for those nearing or already in retirement. Even if you’ve worked and accumulated a comfortable portfolio, navigating today’s inflationary landscape may still require strategic adjustments to your retirement plan.

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Grief In Retirement | Illiquid Assets | Fed Cuts Affecting Money Market Rates


Watch Our Graphonomics 13 Video!

In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: Slowing to a crawl 2) Inflation: An unclear target 3) Policy: Hurts from the bottom up

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