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Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Brian Jacobsen discuss positive S&P 500 earnings reports, some slowing economic numbers and treasury auctions.

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Retirement Planning For Gen X

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Ask Annex: Spousal Social Security Benefits | Comparing EPS Across Companies | 60/40 Back In Fashion


This Week: Webinar | Understand Your WRS Pension Potential

Do you have questions about the State of Wisconsin Pension program and what it means to your retirement plan?

Join us April 30th as Annex Wealth Management’s Eric Strom and WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi walk through how to look at your statement and answer your questions.

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In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: A New Dawn 2) Inflation: Dispersion More Than Inflation 3) Policy: When Doves Cry

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