Despite exceeding the 2-year treasury, the Fed indicated it isn’t done increasing rates. How will the economy – including unemployment – react? Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Derek Felske discuss.

With the end of 2022 quickly approaching, it only makes sense for many to be looking ahead to 2023 and what the new year will bring.

Lots of folks like to use the phrase “New Year, New Me” to describe how they intend to face the goals they set for themselves that they’re currently not reaching. These goals, or resolutions, can be pretty much anything: journal more, start working out, learn how to knit, etc.

If you need ideas or guidance when it comes to making goals/resolutions related to your finances, we’ve compiled a list that includes insight from each area of our team at Annex Wealth Management.

Keep reading to hear from the Financial Planning, Investment, Estate Planning, and Service Teams, as well as our President and CEO, Dave Spano!


Create your personal My Social Security account on – whether you are receiving benefits or not.

Have your existing life insurance and annuities reviewed by a fee-only fiduciary like Annex Wealth Management.

– Eric Strom, CFP®, EAFinancial Planning Manager


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If you have an estate plan, wonderful! But when was the last time you reviewed it or checked to make sure all your accounts and beneficiaries were accurate?

If you don’t have an estate plan, 2023 is the time to get it done and save your family some significant heartache and heart burn!

Jill R Martin, JD | Wealth Strategist and Estate Planning Attorney


Confirm you can still retire when you originally planned. If you haven’t checked in with your retirement plan or met with a financial advisor, consider reevaluating where you sit when looking ahead.

Brandon Lehman, CFP®, AIF® | Director of Branch Development


Resolve to spend some time studying history. If you look back over the history of the many ups and downs the markets have undergone, you’ll see that – so far – every downturn was followed by an upturn. The past doesn’t always predict the future, but understanding history might help you build or calibrate your financial plan.

– David Spano, CFP® | President, CEO