Axiom | Vol 262

Happy Birthday, America. This One’s For You. | Are You Participating In The 4th Of July Weekend “Revenge Travel” Madness?

On a day so often filled with parties, fireworks, and sweet treats, it can be easy to overlook why we celebrate every year. The Fourth of July marks a day in our shared history when we as a nation, as one voice, stood up to those who we knew were unjust, and declared: enough.

We claimed that we as a nation had rights and we fought for the ability to pursue freedoms for ourselves: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, and the freedom to pursue your dreams. Freedoms that are still protected today.

This is a day to reflect on all that has been fought for, sacrificed, and won in the name of this great nation. We are a nation that has the ability to stand on its own, a country that is made of dreams and doers, and a people with a spirit that is strong, determined, and proud.

Happy Birthday, America. This one’s for you.

We hope that you enjoy your holiday!


AAA described current conditions as “Revenge Travel” because this post-covid 4th of July weekend was predicted to have the highest travel volume… ever.

Poll: Are You Participating In The 4th Of July Weekend “Revenge Travel” Madness?


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