This week’s Ask Annex comes from Lois, who asks:

“I have inherited an estate with a IRA in which I have 10 years to liquify. I am also executor of the will in which I need to give out some money, I want to divide the bulk of the IRA to my children and I need advice on how best to do that, considering taxes, etc.”

This week’s Ask Annex response was prepared by our guest editor, Mike Mihm. Mike wrote back:

Hi Lois, thanks for your question. As you know, I reached out to you on the phone get some more background before I worked on your response. Since there are a lot of moving parts here and in discussing this with our Estate Planning attorney, we thought it would be best to have a conversation with you and ask some follow up questions.

Your options will depend on where you are in the process with the IRA. For example, have you already established an Inherited/Beneficiary IRA for your benefit or is that something that you’re currently evaluating?

If the IRA for your benefit has already been established, then an option may be to do some gifting from the distributions to your children. If the Inherited/Beneficiary IRA has not been established yet, then there may be some options for disclaiming it to have the funds go to your children.

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