Annex Celebrates The Holidays


Week In Review

Election Clarity & Stimulus Expectations Feed Markets

As the nation reaches clarity regarding a transfer of power, the markets responded with another big week. Many expect a Democratic-led Washington to turn to more stimulus and potentially infrastructure projects, which led markets. Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Derek Felske discuss.


Poll Recap

Did You Donate To A Charity This Holiday Season?




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Money Talk Minute

$70.5 Billion In Holiday Returns


$70.5 billion worth of holiday purchases will be returned this year. In all, that’s up 73% versus the 5-year average.



Know The Difference Minute

Amazon Air, 85 Aircraft By 2022


Amazon recently purchased 11 Boeing 767 jets from Delta and WestJet. Most are about 20 years old with an average price of $14 million, but they’re perfect for hauling cargo.



Know The Difference Minute

17% Of America’s Restaurants Have Closed


The National Restaurant Association reported that 110,000 or 17% of America’s restaurants have permanently closed. 4 in 10 current restaurant owners don’t think they’ll last 6 months.