It’s almost the end of 2020, and that means it’s time to review last-minute moves that could potentially reduce your tax bill for this year. There are new techniques that you may want to consider that are related to the CARES Act and other COVID-related relief that could directly impact your taxes. 

The majority of respondents to the latest poll said that they already have a year-end tax planning strategy in place, which experts say will be a great leg-up when it comes to tax planning and retirement planning for 2021. A smaller group of respondents said that they did not have a year-end tax planning strategy in place yet, with some noting that they would wait until next year to create one. 

Have questions about your year-end tax planning strategy or don’t know where to start? Annex can help. We just released our 2020 Year-End Tax Planning guide that will help walk you through the planning process. It all starts with a plan, and we can help with our experienced team of tax planners and financial advisors. Head to and download your copy of the 2020 Year-End Tax Planning guide or click here