We asked the members of your Annex Team to let us know what they were thankful for this year.


We got some pretty great responses.


Happy Thanksgiving,

from all of us at Annex Wealth Management!

Erin Reid

Thankful for the silver lining of this crazy year; getting to spend a little more time with this little one.

Amy Bremmer

Thankful for my husband Matt and all of the joy he brings with his crazy picture faces.

Zachary Jaro

I‘m thankful for the continued health, safety, and growth of our little family.

Lori Beihoff

Very thankful for Life & Health!!

Michael Mihm

Always thankful for family, faith, health and our great Annex Team!

Tom Parks

This year I am acutely mindful of and thankful for the unparalleled freedom granted by God to the citizens of the United States of America.

Greg Batiansila

I’m thankful God has healed my beautiful, faithful niece from cancer.

Linda Bork

I am thankful for their smiles that warm my heart.

Ashley Edinger

I am especially thankful this year for my family, friends, and our church for helping us achieve an amazing wedding through the chaos of 2020.

Allie Anklam

This year I’m thankful to have married my best friend and become parents to our sweet baby boy Waylon ♥️

Patrick Noble

I am thankful for my health, my family, and knowing that this too shall pass!

Richard Kollauf

I am thankful for Annex Wealth Management, the AWM family and the way they’ve welcomed me. 

Eric Strom

We’re thankful for our 5 year old Eleanor, pictured here practicing her biking.

Randy Winkler

We’re thankful for the 5 F’s: Faith, Family Friends, Fishing & Football.

Deanne Phillips

I’m thankful for my family and friends, and the connections we’ve kept (safely) during this crazy year.  I’m especially grateful for my relationship with my daughter, Kara. 

Ron Johnson

Every Thanksgiving I think about different groups of people across the world and remind myself to be thankful I don’t have to worry about food or safe shelter and I am able to share our good fortune with my family and friends. 

Brianna Kollmorgen

Thankful for life & family, especially during this crazy year!

Erika Kopp

I’m thankful for my amazing friends that got me through this wild + crazy year! 

Stephanie Emons

I’m thankful for Zoom and the ability to connect with people and my gym safely online! 

Tracey Braun Hughes

I’m Thankful for the little things that God gives us everyday!