Fantasy football season is finally here, and with around 75 million people playing fantasy football across the United States, you could say this was one the most heavily anticipated events of 2020. According to a recent survey by the Fantasy Gaming & Sports Association, 78% of fantasy participants play fantasy football, with 50% of players between the ages of 18-34. 

According to our latest poll, it looks like respondents are not that interested in fantasy football this year, with over 75% of respondents saying that they are not interested in creating a fantasy football team. The other 25% of respondents will be happy to know that according to experts, people are mostly spending responsibly when it comes to fantasy football, with a median league buy-in of $50. Of course, responsible spending also means less exciting prizes, as players reported a median first place prize of only $350. 

Just as it’s changed the larger world, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected and will continue to affect how the NFL operates. Fantasy Football in general will be affected by potential player absences, game postponements, and more — but the 75 million players and bettors will more than likely be invested throughout the season.