Research shows that more and more families are using the time at home to focus on home renovations and upgrades. According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, home centers, hardware stores, garden centers and building materials suppliers saw a year-over-year sales increase of around 22.6 percent, along with online retailers seeing a large jump in sales. 

Our most recent poll shows that around 40% of respondents have made home improvements this year, with another 35% that are planning on making more home improvements throughout the year. The lowest percentage of respondents have been busy elsewhere this year, with around 25% saying that they have not made any improvements.

According to a Consumers Specialists survey, 66% of homeowners started working on projects simply because they had time to while working at home, and according to the survey, landscaping property is the home improvement project that made the biggest jump with homeowners from 2019 to 2020. There are unfortunately only a few weekends left of summer – get started or finish up on those home projects while you have the time!