We’ve been telling folks to “Know The Difference” for years. The phrase challenges you to ask questions of both your financial professional and us at Annex Wealth Management, and know the difference.

At Annex, we see “The Difference” in three key areas:

Team – Annex has assembled a team of experienced financial and wealth management professionals who work together to create a plan that works in your best interest. Our team includes a financial planning team, a tax planning team, an estate planning team, and our team of associates focused on building and maintaining an open line of communication with you.

Tech – We rely on leading-edge technologies to maintain a secure, robust understanding of you and what’s important to you. Our clients can use technology to safely store key documents, check their plan, and even meet with us.

Trust – As a fee-only fiduciary, Annex Wealth Management is required to act in your best interest in creating and implementing your financial plan. Our commitment to what’s best for you is the bedrock that serves as the foundation for a relationship of trust.

Annex is also committed to building trust by delivering timely, relevant insight in person and across the internet. We believe an informed person will know and understand why we’re different, and choose us.