Poll Recap: Fee-Based Vs. Fee-Only

We’ve always maintained that Axiom readers surpass the averages, and it seems that with every poll we take, we prove our contention.

That’s why we’re not too surprised to discover that over 75 percent of our polltakers indicated that they have some understanding of the difference between the term “fee-based” and “fee-only.”

Still, we sense some confusion inside those results. Just over ¼ of our readers said they completely understand that the term “fee-based” means.

Look for our upcoming radio segments that will help further educate you on the terms. Here’s an excerpt from a sixty-second spot we’re recording right now: “Simply put, fee-only means we don’t get paid commissions or ever create investment products to sell to our clients. And no one pays us a penny in marketing dollars to get their investment products in our client’s accounts. Not a penny. Ever. Instead, Annex operates in each client’s best interest using a fee-for-services approach that includes Investment, Retirement, Tax, and Estate planning. One fee for everything. That’s Fee-only.”