Does Your Advisor Do This?

An In-House Estate Planning Attorney

You might think you’re not old enough or wealthy enough to consider estate planning – or maybe you think you worked it all out years ago.

At Annex Wealth Management, elite wealth management means working with our team of experts, including our in-house Estate Planning Attorney. She’ll walk through your current plan with you in light of your financial plan, striving to make sure they work together.

Estate planning is often thought of as the planning process for transferring or disposing assets at death. But state planning also addresses planning for incapacity to protect and take care of you and your assets during life. Everyone, regardless of age or wealth, should have some form of a basic estate plan.

Whether it’s establishing a thoughtful estate plan or brushing it up to consider recent changes in tax law, make sure you consult with an estate planning attorney as part of your financial planning process.