Last Week’s Axiomaphic Poll Results: We’ve Got Chik-Fil-A On Our Minds

A recent Twitter survey of over 12,000 participants revealed that Wendy’s was the most popular fast food chain, followed by Subway, KFC, Taco Bell, and Chik-fil-A[1].

Twitter polls might not be the most reliable sources for hard data – there’s a chance Wendy’s snarky-but-hilarious Twitter presence had something to do with the vote count – but it does help to reveal consumer sentiment.

Foursquare compiled a different data analysis. The app looked at the number of visits and locations in each state. By Foursquare’s reckoning, the results were overwhelming. In 38 states, Chik-fil-A is the most popular fast food restaurant[2].

Our poll results weren’t far removed from the Twitter/Foursquare results. Where our readers didn’t think as highly of Wendy’s – it languished with the second-fewest votes – The Axiom poll takers love them some Subway, with Chik-Fil-A finishing a few votes behind.

When it comes to profitability, The Axiom readers (not surprisingly) were right on target. Readers chose Chik-Fil-A as their potential investment, and Chik-Fil-A is dominant in average sales per restaurant ($4.4 million), almost doubling its next competitor, Whataburger ($2.7 million)[3].

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