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FEATURED: Automatic Enrollment – A Good Idea That Requires Some Extra Thought

Automatic Enrollment could be a great addition to your employee benefits plan. Annex Wealth Management’s Tom Parks discusses some concepts you should consider when thinking about auto enrollment.

Every week, Annex Wealth Management will give you one thing you should do that may improve your financial well-being. We call it the “MoneyDo List.”

This weeks’ “MoneyDo” is:
Consider Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Should you pay off your mortgage early? It’s a question being asked more often today, because tax reform law enacted in late 2017 increased the standard deduction, making it harder to claim mortgage interest as an itemized deduction. Without that tax…


The Cost Of Maintaining The Crown

The royal household of Queen Elizabeth II receives public funding in the form of the Sovereign Grant established in 2011. It’s the part of the expenses the tax payer picks up for the Queen to fulfill her official duties as the head of state and nation.

“The Queen’s official expenditure is met from public funds in exchange for the surrender by the Queen of the revenue from the Crown Estate,” according to the latest annual report 2017 published by the Royal Household. The Queen also has other means of funding, for example her personal investment portfolio.

Infographic: The Costs of Maintaining the Crown | Statista



• Your retirement savings are at risk – Failure to manage taxes and higher costs can leave you with less

• If you rollover or distribute your 401k or IRA incorrectly, it can cost you

• Withdrawing too much too soon can be deadly to a portfolio


• Understand your sustainable withdrawal rate

• Recognize important IRA milestones

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Does “Don’t Be Evil” Include Defense Contract?

Several Google employees have left the company in protest over news that the US Department of Defense is using Google’s Project Maven technology in developing defense systems. Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano takes a look.

What’s The Impact Of Higher Gas Prices?

Higher gas prices could have a ripple effect across the economy, including spending habits of the average American. Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano takes a look.

Inside Annex: Talking Financial Planning With Randy Winkler, CFP

Annex Wealth Management boasts a financial planning department with CFPs like Randy Winkler who use years of experience and leading-edge technology to work with clients on the path towards their goals.


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