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A month ago, we launched “Ask Annex” – encouraging Axiom readers to submit questions they had to the Annex Wealth Management team. Here are a few of the questions we’ve gathered so far, along with answers written by members of our elite team. Our team responds within days to your questions, so feel free to ask yours.

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Every week, Annex Wealth Management will give you one thing you should do that may improve your financial well-being. We call it the “MoneyDo List.”

This weeks’ “MoneyDo” is: Set financial goals.

Now that the holidays have passed, including the expenses of the holidays, it’s a great time to look at setting some financial goals for 2018. You may have set some fitness goals or health goals, but setting financial goals for the year is an important part of your resolutions.



How Big Are the “Next Big Things” in Tech?

Thousands of tech enthusiasts and industry insiders will be flocking to Las Vegas to find out about the latest developments in the world of consumer electronics. Over the past few years, several technologies have been touted “the next big thing”, but while some categories have taken off, others have yet to deliver on their hype.

Among the big tech trends of the past years, 4K or Ultra HD TVs have been most successful in turning hype into actual sales. The Consumer Technology Association, the organization behind the CES, projects 4K TV sales in the United States to amount to $15.9 billion this year, leaving other emerging tech categories far behind.

Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/10692/emerging-tech-sales-in-the-us/


Every week, Annex Wealth Management hosts two radio programs that inform and educate listeners. Here are some highlights from those programs.

Know The Difference™ Minute: A Sign Of Smart Things To Come

Capital Expenditure describes when a company spends money on acquiring or maintaining fixed assets, like land, buildings, or equipment. Dave Spano explains which company leads the world in CapEx – and what that means for the future.

Know The Difference™ Minute: Powerball Dreaming

The Powerball and Megamillions jackpots continue to soar – because they were built to grow. A change in the odds means a bigger, even less winnable jackpot. Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano explains.

2018 Financial Resolutions

It’s time to start making some honest – and achievable – resolutions for the new year. Annex Wealth Management’s Mark Beck and Randy Winkler discuss.

MoneyDo: Get Organized For Income Taxes

This week’s moneydo attempts to get you organized to prepare your taxes. It’s a good time to start looking for documents and organizing your files.

Ask Annex

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