As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s a time for reflection on where we are, and where this year has taken us.

It’s also a time where we’ll start to see more of our family, and understand the ties and legacy we share with our loved ones.

This week’s moneydo is to find a moment – whether it’s a walk with your grandkid or a quick email to someone you love – and relay a financial lesson you’ve learned.

  • Maybe you can talk about a time when you delayed gratification and waited to get something you wanted.
  • Perhaps it’s just a lesson about how you made a bad decision and what you did to set it straight.
  • It could be revealing how you’ve come to make choices about how to spend your money.
  • It might be a concept you’ve learned about a complex subject, like taxes or withholding.
  • Or it could be a financial concept – like compound interest, and how the sooner you save, the faster your money could grow.
  • Perhaps you could share the benefit – and danger – of credit cards.

After decades of helping people with financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning, we’ve seen all sorts of people at various stages of life who have learned financial lessons the hard way.

Seek out a few minutes this week to impart something you’ve learned. It might be a real benefit to your loved one – and it’s a chance to connect. You’ll never regret it.