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Tuesday, November 7 | The Pfister Hotel
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If you’re considering a relationship with Annex Wealth Management, Join us for Navigating The Markets, a special event for those curious about Annex Wealth Management:

· Hear Annex Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Officer discuss our approach to market fluctuations.
· Learn what philosophies guide Annex Wealth Management’s investment decisions.

· Discuss the strengths of a Core and Tactical approach in navigating the markets.

Every week, Annex Wealth Management will give you one thing you should do that may improve your financial well-being. We call it the “MoneyDo List.”

This weeks’ “MoneyDo” is: Understand What “Risk Tolerance” & “Time Horizon” Mean

Whether you’re charting your own financial course (with your own savings or your 401(k) investments) or working with and advisor, it’s essential to understand that you cannot eliminate risk. But it can be managed. When you’re planning, make sure you understand two key components to laying out your plan.



Where Renters Get The Most and Least Space

Analysis of Yardi Matrix data by RENTCafé has revealed the cities where renters get the best and worst deal when it comes to space. If you’re looking to rent a place in Istanbul and have a monthly budget of $1,500 at your disposal, you’re going to be able to stretch your legs out with an average of 176 m². In Manhattan though, the story is quite different. With such a budget, renters can only expect to have 26m² to live in. Our chart shows the average space you would get in 25 popular cities around the world.

Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/11451/where-renters-get-the-most-and-least-space/


Every week, Annex Wealth Management hosts two radio programs that inform and educate listeners. Here are some highlights from those programs.

Know The Difference™ Minute: Where Is Oil Going?

This isn’t the 70’s, when oil came from essentially one place on the ground. US oil production, and the proliferation of electric vehicles, is having an impact on oil prices. Will it continue? Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano discusses.

Good Advice vs. Effective Advice

Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano discusses the similarities and disparities between good advice and effective advice with Annex Wealth Management’s Derek Felske. Derek explains how he uses risk tools and behavioral coaching to talk about opportunities with clients.

What Can We Expect For 4th Quarter Earnings?

Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Derek Felske discuss third quarter earnings season, expectations, and comparison to previous periods. Derek explains why estimates often underpromise.

There’s a significant difference between

financial advisors. Know The Difference™

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