WATCH IT: 6 Financial Tips For Those Considering Divorce

No one wants to undergo divorce, but if you are facing that reality, Annex Wealth Management’s Deanne Phillips – a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst – has some thoughts to consider as you understand your financial picture. WATCH IT

Nominations now accepted for the Know the Difference™ Award!

The Know the Difference™ Award presented by Annex Wealth Management and Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, recognizes someone who:

  • Gives above and beyond to those dealing with cancer
  • Performs special acts of kindness to have a positive impact
  • Builds the morale of people going through cancer and/or caregivers that care for them and much more.

Read about last year’s Know the Difference™ Award winner, Patricia Payleitner Here.
Do you know someone who would be a great candidate for this award?

Submit your Know the Difference™ Award nominations by April 7th below.



The Nordic Are a Happy Bunch

Happiness, not just economic growth, is increasingly seen as a proper measure of social progress and the advised goal of social policy. According to the World Happiness Report 2017, the Norwegians are the happiest people on the planet, followed by the Danish and Icelandic. What the Nordic countries have in common is a rather even distribution of wealth.

Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/8584/worlds-happiest-countries/


Every week, Annex Wealth Management hosts two radio programs that inform and educate listeners. Here are some highlights from those programs.

Know The Difference™ Minute: Why Businesses Turn To Automation

Wendy’s recently announced it was going to turn to automation to combat labor costs. Are there other reasons businesses turn to automation?

Risk Tolerance Vs. Risk Capacity

Annex Wealth Management’s team members Mark Oswald and Deanne Phillips discuss and define risk capacity, risk tolerance and why our decisions are related to one concept over the other.

Who Benefits From Proactive Management?

Annex Wealth Managment’s Mark Beck discusses its Proactive Management strategy and why it is effective for some.

Trusts: Understanding The Different Types Of Successors

Annex Wealth Management’s Mark Beck talks trusts with a caller, explaining successor trustees, powers of attorney, and how trusts work when a trustee passes away.

There’s a significant difference between

financial advisors. Know The Difference™

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