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Rich Behrendt, Annex Wealth Management’s Director of Estate Planning, discusses his background and how much he enjoys helping people. WATCH IT

Nominations now accepted for the Know the Difference™ Award!

The Know the Difference™ Award presented by Annex Wealth Management and Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, recognizes someone who:

  • Gives above and beyond to those dealing with cancer
  • Performs special acts of kindness to have a positive impact
  • Builds the morale of people going through cancer and/or caregivers that care for them and much more.

Read about last year’s Know the Difference™ Award winner, Patricia Payleitner Here.

Do you know someone who would be a great candidate for this award?

Submit your Know the Difference™ Award nominations by April 7th below.



Where Women Feel They Lack Equality

The infographic below shows the countries where women either disagree very much or disagree somewhat that they “have full equality with men and freedom to reach their full dreams and aspirations”. Spain had the highest level of disagreement (73 percent), followed by Japan (67 percent) and South Korea (64 percent). Russian women were far less inclined to disagree with that statement.

Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/8432/where-women-feel-they-lack-equality/



7 Secrets Financial Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

In any industry, there are at least a few “secrets” known only by the insiders who work in the field that they’d rather keep to themselves.  Ever wonder what truths some financial professionals keep to themselves? Join us for “7 Secrets Financial Professionals Don’t Want You to Know” where we’ll share a few of the industry’s best-kept secrets.

Free Event – Reservation Required

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Every week, Annex Wealth Management hosts two radio programs that inform and educate listeners. Here are some highlights from those programs.

Know The Difference™ Minute: March 9 – From Bear To Bull

March 9, 2009 was a low point for the markets. Professionals weren’t sure what to expect next. What lessons can be learned from times like those?

Frexit: What Is It & What Effect Does It Have On The U.S.?

Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Mark Oswald define FrExit, and discuss the impact on currency and economy which will be decided in an upcoming French election in May.

2/3 Of Americans Are Not Saving For Retirement

Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Mark Oswald discuss how empirical evidence that shows a vast majority of Americans are not saving for their future, and what it would take to start saving now.

Which Month Is Best To Take Out Your RMD?

Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Mark Oswald discuss Required Minimum Distributions and tax implications of taking one, along with what month would be best to take an RMD.

There’s a significant difference between

financial advisors. Know The Difference™

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