Questions To Ask When Rolling Over From 401(k) To IRA

Annex Wealth Management’s Director of Client Learning and Development Deanne Phillips discusses some of the challenges you might face when considering rolling your retirement savings from a 401(k) into an IRA.



America’s Favorite TV Programs

While the trials and tribulations of a group of young physicists may not sound like the ideal premise for a sitcom created for mass appeal, CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” is currently proving the opposite. The show following Sheldon Cooper and his nerdy friends is arguably the most successful comedy show on TV since “Friends” left the screen in 2004. In fact, according to recent Nielsen data, “The Big Bang Theory” was the most popular primetime TV program in the United States this year. With an average audience of 19.9 million viewers, the show which is currently in its tenth season even beat NBC’s Sunday Night Football which on average attracted 19.2 million viewers in 2016.

Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/7308/top-10-primetime-tv-programs/



Financial Wealth, Health & Well Being for Women

As a major economic force, women seek more than just good financial returns.  Join us for a holistic look at financial well-being.  This workshop focuses on money beliefs, financial challenges unique to women, discussions and planning for common worries such as healthcare costs, and leaving a legacy, including raising financially-fit children.
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Every week, Annex Wealth Management hosts two radio programs that inform and educate listeners. Here are some highlights from those programs.

Potential Impact of Tax Changes

The stock market reacts to potential fiscal policies and the potential changes in deficit and debt, and geopolitical activities all around the world. Volatility will likely be a part of the forseeable future.

Devaluation & Monetary Policy

Banks around the world have been lowering rates – sometimes to negative rates – to accommodate monetary policy. Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Mark Oswald discuss ZIRP, NIRP and what that means for the global economy.

Monetary Policy Into Fiscal Policy: Being Well Positioned For 2017

Sound planning is often a reliable antidote to a changing financial landscape. It’s possible we’ll see a shift from an economy moving based on monetary policy to an economy that changes based on fiscal policy. As the new administration takes control and new laws are passed, sound planning will help deal with the changes that could take place.

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