FEATURED: 10 Financial Resolutions For The New Year 

Now that the last chorus of Auld Lang Syne has been sung and the champagne and noise-makers have all been put away, many of us will turn our attention to making New Year’s resolutions.  What a great opportunity to get one’s financial house in order! Towards that end, here are some suggested financial resolutions to start your New Year off right. READ MORE



New Years By The Numbers

Planning on how to keep your resolutions is as important as the resolutions themselves. What are your resolutions this year?

Source: https://www.columnfivemedia.com/work-items/infographic-new-years-facts-by-the-numbers


Every week, Annex Wealth Management hosts two radio programs that inform and educate listeners. Here are some highlights from those programs.

Looking Back: The 2016 Stock Market

Annex Wealth Management’s team look back at 2016 and recall the Dow’s biggest highs and lows through the year.

The Strength Of The U.S. Dollar

What does the dollar’s rally mean for inflation and the markets? Annex Wealth Management’s team discusses the impact of the strengthening dollar.

The Balanced Approach & The Construction Of The Dow

Currently, Goldman Sachs is more impactful to the Dow Jones Industrial average than Apple, because the Dow Jones Industrial Average is price-weighted. The Annex Team talks about why the Dow crossing arbitrary milestones may not be an accurate reflection of the American economy or the average balanced portfolio.

There’s a significant difference between

financial advisors. Know The Difference™

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