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A Bad Reason To Be In Stocks

It’s reasonable to assume that many investors are favoring stocks right now because investment grade bonds are yielding a near 0% return. To be fair, almost everyone seeks the return of stocks when bonds are yielding near zero.

But Mark Hulbert’s research shows that bond valuations have almost nothing to do with how the stock market is likely to actually perform. Over the past century, stocks have been just as likely to fall as rise when bonds have been less than an ideal alternative. To demonstrate this, he calculated the stock market’s performance since 1871 for various states of stock earnings yield vs the yield on the 10 year Treasury note.

What he found, as demonstrated by the chart below, is that there is no consistent relationship. The implications for investing are that you should base investing decisions in the stock market based on the stock market’s own valuation criteria, not on whatever the bond market may be doing.

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As a proud sponsor of the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, Annex Wealth Management plays an active part in the Foundation’s annual golf outing and gala. For this year’s highlights READ HERE.


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