My Annex Wealth Management Colleagues and Friends –

As some of you know, yesterday I lost my father after a brief, but grueling, battle with cancer.  After a 30-some year career as an accountant with a manufacturing firm, my dad took the Series-7 exam at the age of 60 and enjoyed a sixteen-year career in the financial services industry before retiring for good at the end of 2014.  Last week my wife and I, along with two of our children, had the opportunity to travel to Florida to see my mom and dad to check in and celebrate a bit of the holidays.

On Monday of this week, my father and I sat down and went through everything from asset ownership, to investment accounts, estate documents, financial and health care powers, accounts for the grandchildren’s education, life insurance, tax returns, bank accounts, asset titling, credit cards, charitable intentions, and his final wishes “if” something were to happen.  Two days later he was gone.

The brief aftermath of the past few days has allowed me to have a firsthand experience of how important financial planning is to each and every family.  My mom has never been involved in the “financial stuff” but now is comforted by the fact that a financial plan was in place to look out for her and care for her for years to come.

It reminded me of the work we do here at Annex Wealth Management for our clients and the duty that we owe each of them to be their advocate and diligent steward of their financial plan.  You’re part of a team that has a purposeful and worthy mission.  I am proud of the work that we do and my sincere hope is that each of you appreciates the importance of all of the ways we touch and enhance our clients lives in real and meaningful ways every day.

We do good work.  We do honorable work. We do work that in the hardest days, makes a difference.  Today, I know that more than ever.

Regards and God Bless,

Mark M. Oswald | Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Operations Officer

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