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A “decent” inflation report sparked a market rally, but did the rally extend to the bond and housing markets? Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano and Brian Jacobsen discuss, and talk about our latest inflation guide, available at annexwealth.com/inflation.

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Safeguarding Against Inflation: Strategies You Can Use In An Environment With Elevated Inflation

The Fed recently hinted that inflation is stickier than expected. Should I be worried?

Discover 7 Strategies You Can Use In An Environment With Elevated Inflation

Inflation is personal. Stay informed.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

      • How “real assets” can help
      • Tax-efficient strategies to consider
      • One way to increase Social Security benefits


Watch Dr. Brian Jacobsen and Tom Parks explain what’s inside!

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Understand Your WRS Pension Potential

Do you have questions about the State of Wisconsin Pension program and what it means to your retirement plan?

If you participate in the State of Wisconsin Pension program, you may have questions about your plan and what it means to your retirement plan. Annex Wealth Management’s Financial Planning Team Manager, Eric Strom, CFP®️, and WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi discuss how to look at your statement, and even go through several case studies that may help relieve concerns and answer your questions.


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What Matters Most When Looking At 401k Returns | Mega Backdoor Roths | Commercial Paper


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In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: Tightening Screws. 2) Inflation: Head-Fake. 3) Policy: Higher Forever?

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WEBINAR | Investigating Bonds: Corporate vs. Munis | 5/23/24

Bonds often play a part in a balanced portfolio. As the Fed discusses potential changes in interest rates, investors have more questions about how to manage bonds, and what types of bonds make sense at this time. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the current bond environment, and the role different types of bonds could play in your portfolio.
This webinar begins at 2:00 PM CT/3:00 PM ET


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